Account Types

Account Types


The following are the account types we operate:


1) Current Account; Payable on demand

i) Individual

ii) Joint

iii) Association

iv) Partnership

v) Corporate Bodies

2) Savings Account

i) Individual

ii) Joint

iii) Associations

iv) Partnership

v) Ogige Thrift and Savings account (OTHRISA)

vi) Ogige Motorcycle/Keke Ownership Savings Account (OMOKOSA)

vii) Ogige Classic Savings Account (OCLASA)

viii) Ogige Self Help Micro Credit Scheme (OSHEMICS)

ix) Ogige Car (Vehicle) Loan Account (OCAVELA)

x) Ogige Kiddies Savings Account (OKISA)

xi) Ogige Double Mixed Account (ODOMA)

xii) Mobile Bank Account (Daily Contribution)

3) Enpowerment of The Active Poor (Self help Group Account)

4) Agric Guarantee Scheme

5) Bank Of Industry Group Scheme

6) Loan Scheme for

i) Civil Servants

ii) Business Enterprise

iii) Corporate Bodies

7) Fixed Deposit for various tenors